Cyprus warm

Top destinations that stay warm all year round

There are plenty of destinations across the globe that are always warm. But from Morocco to Miami, we’ve narrowed it down to our 9 favourites.

Top destinations that stay warm all year round


Apart from hurricane season from June to September, Miami enjoys hot a humid summers and short, warm winters. Hordes of “Spring Breakers” are unleashed during March and April, so it’s best to go at the beginning of the year. If the beach is still too crowded for you, take a stroll to the south part and hit the bars.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are a popular choice for a winter holidays, because they tend to be warm and have a gorgeous coast all year-round. While the inland parts of the islands have quite a range of temperatures, the coastal regions are sunny in all seasons. It’s dry and sunny throughout most of the year in Tenerife.


rio de janeiro brazil beach

Brazil has a very consistent temperature throughout the year. In Sao Paulo the weather stays fairly warm through each season. Rio’s hottest month is January and the coldest month is July, although it’s still humid. Compare Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo in more detail here.


During the winter months, there are roughly 6 hours of sunshine per day in this city, even though winter is the wettest season. If you’re looking to vacate to a charming place with rich history, outdoor activities and loads of sandy beaches, you’ll find it in Malaga.


india travel warm

Peak season kicks off in India during the winter months (from November to March). To beat the crowds and benefit from better rates, plan your visit from September to October or March to April. Head south for the hottest climate, or go to Goa in the west if you don’t mind a little wet with your warm weather.


Morocco warm

Sitting on the northern coast of Africa, Morocco enjoys temperate weathers like most of the Mediterranean coastal cities. From conquering desert dunes to swimming in crystal clear waters, this place will leave you captivated. To avoid the scorching summer heat, plan your visit around mid-March to May.


Cyprus warm

Cyprus is home to a number of exceptional coastal destinations that stay warm all year long. Although the inland can have snow in the mountains during the winter, you can enjoy warm days on the beach at the same time. Spring, summer and autumn months are the best time to visit.


Thailand warm

Thailand experiences a rainy season, but the weather is warm all year round. Take your pick between the Andaman Islands to the west of the mainland, or those in the Gulf of Thailand to the east. Another option is Bangkok – offering summer paradise from January to December. Most tourists visit between October to February.


mexico travel budget backpacking

Mexico is a treat for people seeking warm, summer holidays at any given time. The difference between winter and summer is only 5°C (9°F). Anytime is a good time to experience Mexico, just spruce up on your Spanish first!


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