Las Vegas is a surreal place and heading there will be one of the most unforgettable trips you take. But while it’s known for non-stop fun and entertainment, it can also be a pricey wake-up call for those who come unprepared.

So to have the best trip and make the most of your time here, take a read of our dos and don’ts before heading to Sin City.

Las Vegas Dos and Donts

DO take the time to find the right hotel

In Vegas, the hotel options are near enough limitless. Think about what you want to get out of your trip – which sights do you want to be near? How far can you stretch your budget?

There are loads of sweet deals and packages available. Some provide 24-hour buffet passes – food can be expensive in Vegas, so this is great if you want to save your money for activities and events.

We would consider trying to find a hotel on the Strip if you can – it has everything you could need and is the safest place around.

DON’T rent a car

You’ll find yourself walking for most of your time here, and there’s also a monorail which runs between several of the major hotels. You’ll also rarely need to wait more than a few minutes for a taxi. Find out more about getting around in Las Vegas.

DO set yourself a gambling budget

Las vegas

If you do choose to gamble (not everybody does), set yourself a budget. It’s so easy to get carried away, especially as drinks are on the house while you’re at gambling tables – a couple of mojitos can easily lead to spending more than you planned.

DON’T use casino cash machines

ATMs are put in Vegas casinos to tempt weary gamblers with their convenience and proximity. But do yourself and your bank account a favour by not giving in to the temptation. Casino ATMs have some of the highest fees anywhere – some add as much as $10 to a single transaction! Yikes. Use non casino machines to avoid unnecessary costs added to your trip.

DON’T spend your whole time on the Strip

With a whole loads of things to do on your doorstep, it’s easy not to leave your hotel if you’re staying somewhere like MGM Grand – let alone a break away from the Strip. Try to venture off just once at least; even though this city is known for it’s gambling and clubbing, there is so much more to it! Go on the indoor zipline (Slotzilla), visit the Red Rock Canyon, get educated at The Mob Museum, or indulge in one of the city’s more crazy attractions – like KISS themed Monster Mini Golf!

Mob Museum Las Vegas

DO embrace the weird and wonderful

There are so many things that you can probably only embrace in Vegas. Watch a volcano erupt at the Mirage. Take a ride in a Venetian gondola in a casino. See “Elvis” in action in one of the Strip’s late night bars. It’s these bonkers experiences that you’ll appreciate taking when you look back!

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