perfect travel buddy

8 signs you’ve found the perfect travel buddy

As it’s the season of love, we’ve been thinking about partners, and in particular travel buddies. Having the right travel companion can really impact your travel experience. But how do you know when you’ve found that special someone? Here are eight signs that you’re onto a winner.

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pancake day shrove tuesday

How is Shrove Tuesday celebrated around the world?

Today, as we know it, is Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day, where all over the UK we will be whipping up some pancake batter and topping them with our favourite sweet treats.

But how is it celebrated outside the UK? Here are how several countries across the globe honour this occasion.

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naples italian cities

Our top Italian cities to visit

Today is World Pizza Day, so it’s only right that today we blog about the home of the delicious delicacy – Italy! This country is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations for numerous reasons including its fascinating history, trendy fashion, stunning landscapes, art treasures and top-class cuisine.

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pack skiing trip

Practical packing for a skiing trip

With it being the Momentum Ski Festival in Verbier, Switzerland this week, we are well and truly into this year’s ski season. But it’s not easy working out what to pack for a skiing holiday, so we’ve helped you out by listing the essentials that you should be taking.

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Madrid vs Barcelona: which is best for me?

Madrid and Barcelona are two wonderful cities in Spain with lots to offer visitors. Madrid is Spain’s majestic capital city and the Spanish centre politically, culturally and geographically. But Barcelona has a more Mediterranean theme, with a laidback vibe and more tourists.

So which of these cities is more suited to you? In this article, we give you the lowdown on what they both have to offer.

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romantic places travel

10 wonderfully romantic places to visit

Romantic getaways often mean long walks on the beach, romantic dinners and pampering accommodations. But with some destinations, there is just something in the air. From sensual salsa dancing in Colombia to cosy winter getaways in Quebec, these are our top 10 picks for sensationally romantic getaways.

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Travel trend predictions for 2018 revealed

Looking for inspiration for travel in the New Year? From walking your way to wellness to big bucket list adventures, we reveal some of the top travel trends for 2018.

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travelling japan

9 things you should know before travelling to Japan

Simply put, Japan is a fascinating place – here you’ll find a perfect blend of old traditions and new technology. But navigating the wonders of this country can be quite tricky for the uninitiated; to say that Japan is culturally very different from what we’re used to in the West can be quite the understatement. So we have put together some of the vital things you should know before visiting this fantastic destination.

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The best of the world’s smallest countries

Other than to get bragging rights, you might be wondering why you would want to visit some of the tiniest countries in our world. But for what they lack in size, they definitely make up for in their wonderful things to see and do. So here, we explore 9 of the world’s smallest countries worth visiting.

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