Why our RockHoppa roll-up bag is VITAL for festival campers

Festival season is upon us: it’s time to stock up on our hair glitter and get out those funky sunnies. Festivals are a great way to see lots of different artists all within a couple of days. If we’re lucky, we also get blessed with some sunshine and warm heat to make the experience even greater.

A big downfall to some can be the hassle of camping. Lugging around a giant backpack or suitcase, and living in a cramped tent whilst trying to scramble through your belongings. But stress no more, as we’ve designed a travel bag that is exactly what you need for festival camping.

The RockHoppa roll-up travel bag is perfect for those who are camping. With 6 large compartments, it’s got enough space to put all of your clothes, shoes, accessories and toiletries for a couple of days. The separate pockets mean you can split your belongings up and keep them organised – no more rummaging through a backpack or suitcase!

One of the pockets can be detached from the bag and used as a toiletry bag (see image below), perfect for when you need to carry your toiletries to the showers. Other features of the bag include a handy little external pocket to pop your phone or cash in, and there’s an adjustable shoulder strap.

And the best thing about the bag? It can be rolled up and fastened, meaning it takes up hardly any room in your tent!

So what are you waiting for? Get the latest camping innovation to make your festival experience so much easier!

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