Here are some of the reviews our roll up bag received when we were selling them on Amazon…

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C Sharp

5 Star Customer Service
Very impressed with this great bit of kit. Have loaded it up with loads of clothes/shoes/towels/etc and I still had room to spare. Lots of excellent compartments, makes finding what you need so easy. Bag is such a great concept.

Spoke to Rockhoppa about a few things related to the bag and got a fantastic and details reply. Rockhoppa really cared and wanted to help me, worth a 5 star review for the customer service alone.

Great bag, very impressed. Would definitely consider Rockhoppa products going forward.
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Hockey Freak

Fantastic bag. As advertised
Fantastic bag. As advertised. Great quality. As has just arrived it has not been used for travelling but will be taken to Nepal in the near future. Would recommend based on experience so far. Bought 2 – one black one camo. Both are great.
Shaun Soanes

The roll up bag is my perfect companion for trips away
Just what I needed! The roll up bag is my perfect companion for trips away, business or pleasure. It holds so much, including toiletries clothes and even a pair of shoes if needed! Great service and will recommend to friends and family.

Excellent product
Excellent product 5/5.

Great big of functional kit.
Sohail A.

Great product
Great product. Highly recommended.
John M.

Five stars
Plenty of room for a weekend bag would recommend.
K. Kane

Perfect travel bag for people who need organization!
Love, love, love this bag! I travel a lot on weekend trips and have been using this bag for my toiletries. I got tired of one big bag that I had to dig around in to find my toothbrush or face wash or hair brush, especially when tired. This bag having separate compartments has made finding my items so much easier and the fact the bag can expand or tighten depending on how much you want to put in it is even better. So glad I bought this.
Bear McKibben

Bigger than it appears
The bag doesn’t look like it would hold very much when reviewing on Amazon. THAT IS WRONG! It holds a ton of stuff. I fit two pairs of shoes, jeans, 2x shorts, 2x gym shorts, 5x shirts, 5x socks & underwear, and also a large hygiene bag. This thing is awesome for a 3-6 day trip and is smaller than most airport carry on bags.
V. Fitz

Carries a weekend’s worth of clothes.
Good quality construction. Carries about three days worth of clothes. I have used it for a few months and it is holding up well. Happy with the purchase.
Movie Junky

Nice roll bag!
Great for a two to three day stay. Good bugout roll for clothing and personal supplies.
Ali Khawaja

Very NICE!!!
I love the size to content balance. I got all the stuff I needed without have too much or too little space. The zippers are good but could be better. Also the removable bag is smart. Will be reordering soon.
Amazon Customer

Customer support was amazing and fast for the questions I had replying within hours
Exactly what i have been looking for. I am a long term traveler for many years now and i am tired of carry on size bags that have only one or two compartments. Organization is the only way to travel and this keeps everything separated exactly how i want it! I will be using this with a Maxpedition backpack for my two items allowed on the plane without having to check anything. The bag straps perfectly to the bottom of my backpack as an ad hoc larger backpack.

Customer support was amazing and fast for the questions I had replying within hours of the question i had!

Highly recommended company and product!

My only recommendation for this would be some sort of laundry bag.

I can not wait to take this bag on a trip! The bag will be heading to Ecuador in a few weeks.


Five Stars
Product arrived as described. Planning on using it at races to keep my gear organized and quickly accessible.
Zeus M

Great bag for a weekend getaway
If you really want to stuff it, you could probably put 5 days worth of stuff like I did (including an extra pair of shoes). The shoulder strap is uncomfortable but I carried it by the handle most of the time. We’ll see how it holds up with repeated use.

Lots of Room
Bag is great and has plenty of space for packing tons of stuff for a long weekend. Just wish it had a separate garment hang compartment. Other than that we love it!
George Encarnacion

Great bag!
Great bag!!! It is durable and convenient with multiple compartment to use as a gym bag or for a short two to three day trip.
M Edward

Quick and East overnight bag
Good for a couple of days of casual clothing. Watch their little video on youtube and you’ll see exactly what you’re getting.