Helicopter ride Las Vegas

Getting around in Las Vegas

Vegas is a compact city. So if you’re staying on the strip, most things you’ll visit are within 5 miles, including the airport. There are several transport options which makes Vegas pretty easy to get around.

Getting around Las Vegas

But I’ll start by warning you that taxis are pretty pricey. We jumped in a taxi to get from the airport to our hotel (MGM Grand on the strip) which was just a 2.2 mile drive. This ended up costing around $24, so that puts it into perspective how expensive taxis can be.

If you’re feeling flash, for around $10 per person (if there’s a group of you – say 4 or more), several limousine companies offer hotel shuttle service. This is a memorable way to start your holiday!

It is always easy to grab a taxi if you need to. There’ll always be a major hotel within a short walking distance with a constant taxi rank available. You definitely won’t need to worry about booking any.

Public bus

The best way to get around Vegas is by using the bus. This runs 24 hours throughout the strip roughly every 20 minutes. It stops at various places including Fremont Street, The North Premium Shopping Outlet and The Mob Museum. There are two buses to look out for – Deuce and SDE.

It only costs $6 for a two-hour pass, $8 for a 24-hour pass and $20 for a 3 day pass. Passes can be collected at ticket machines which are located at all bus stops. Just walking down the strip, it won’t take you long before you come to one.

If you choose to get on the bus, give yourself plenty of time before you need to get to where you’re going. Although the strip alone is only a couple of miles long, the high amount of traffic lights means it takes around 20 minutes just to travel down it.


There are several trams available that are free to ride. These connect properties which are under common ownership. One connects Excalibur, Luxor and Mandalay Bay. Another connects the Crystals Mall to Monte Carlo and Bellagio. There is also a third which connects Treasure Island with The Mirage.

By foot

Walking down the strip (if the heat isn’t too much) is not a bad way to get around either. It’s the best way to take in all of the mesmerising buildings, the bright lights and more. Although if you’re like me, this may take you a lot longer than planned if you end up wanting to go and explore the insides of all the major hotels.


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