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7 hidden treasures in Paris

Bored of seeing the same attractions and destinations when reading blogs and itineraries about Paris? Do you want to find unique places and activities which you can later brag about to your family and friends? We’ve put together a list of our favourite unmissable hidden treasures in France’s capital.

7 hidden treasures in Paris


Once a village providing wine to central Paris, Belleville is now a lively Chinatown, being an artistic location of different cultures. You will find Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and French restaurants and bistros here with significantly cheaper prices than anywhere else in Paris. A good thing about visiting cultural neighbourhoods is the products are cheaper yet more authentic.

You will also find different ateliers in the area displaying their artwork for free. If you enjoy the sites of graffiti and street arts you should definitely check out Rue Denoyez. Finally, if you’re still feeling adventurous, explore the nearby Pere Lachaise cemetery, where Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison and Edith Piaf are resting in peace.

Mountain in the Parc des Butte Chaumonts

The Parc is one of the largest in the city, boasting dramatic waterfalls, slopes, bridges and plants, with a peaceful atmosphere. Hidden inside Parc des Butte Chaumont is a small mountain that rewards its hikers with a fantastic view of the park. At the very top of its peak you will find the Temple of Sibylle, a 19th century replica of a Roman that gives a sense of mythology to the place, adding even more drama to the landscape view from the mountain.

Pershing Hall

Great for a late evening drink, Pershing Hall near the Champs Elysees bursts with history. It was originally built by the Count of Paris at the end of the 18th century, and is now a luxury five star hotel.

There’s a spectacular living wall reaching up to 30 metres with 300 species of trees and plants. This cosy bar is the perfect place for a nightcap.

Little Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, in Paris?! It’ll feel like you’ve walked into a completely different country when you stumble upon this place. Walking the cultural streets of Little Sri Lanka will allow you to enjoy freshly brewed chai tea, shop for saris and enjoy the authentic food, all the while listening to Bollywood music bouncing around the streets. People from these diverse countries of Sri Lanka, Turkey and Pakistan have made this little area their home.

Marche St. Quentin

If you’ve been to Paris before, you’ve probably come across some local food markets. But Marche St. Quentin is one of Paris’ little-known attractions that carries some of the best fresh produce in the city and lots of delicious speciality cheeses. There are about 30 stalls to go through, so take your time to have a look around and find the best deals!

Moroccan restaurants

404 is a quaint, gorgeous little Moroccan restaurant in the first district of Paris, and is popular among locals. Based in an old 16th century building, the Moroccan menu is wowing, with fish tagine, Maghrebi-style road lamb, homemade tabbouleh, potato pancakes with hummus, and much more – all made the traditional Moroccan way. Enjoy the delicious food serviced on colourful dinnerware while nestled onto a cosy couch.

Brazilian nightclubs

Looking for vibrancy and people bursting with energy? Look no further! By day, Favela Chick is a chic ghetto restaurant specializing in tasty Brazilian food and funky cocktails. Then when the kitchen closes at 11pm, everyone lets loose. Brazilian and Latin music is played with lots of groovy people dancing on tables. An extra bonus is that it’s also right by the metro.

Have you been to Paris before and have stumbled across a hidden gem worth mentioning? Share your stories with us in the comments!

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