Creative ways to save money to travel

Figuring out how you’re going to afford to travel can be a massive mountain to climb, but it isn’t impossible. If you want to start putting aside more money to make travel actually happen for you sooner rather than later, here are some genius ways to do it.

Make a dedicated travel fund

Create a new bank account dedicated just for your travels and feed it monthly, weekly or even daily. Make it easy to transfer money over from your other account(s) and try and put some money into it as often as you can, even something as little as £5! Make it a habit.

Spend less on lunch and fancy coffee

Packing your own lunch instead of buying it can save you so much money. If you don’t have time to make your own, then try cutting your spending – trimming your lunch costs by just £4 each day saves you £832 a year!

Eliminating coffee from your life just might be impossible, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on it. Get a standard coffee instead of that ultra mocha grande with extra cream; you could save around £3 a cup.

Save money on fuel and get the bike out

save money creative ways travel

How many journeys do you take each day or week in the car, that you could so easily bike? Spend more time biking around and save yourself some fuel costs. Plus that fresh air and exercise will be great for you!

Try Freelancing websites

There are plenty of freelancing websites that offer you a platform to charge for your skills. If you can write, draw, do web-design, do voice impressions or write music, you could be able to earn some money for your skills. Check out websites like Fiverr and Upwork to see if your skills are in demand.

Cancel your gym membership

Instead of that pricey gym membership, exercise in the great outdoors, run in the fresh air, or even purchase a couple of fitness DVDs to do at home. You can still get just as much exercise without the gym, and you won’t be paying that hefty amount each month!

Sell things

Selling things is one of the easiest and fastest ways of making some extra money. Go through what you’ve got at home in your bedroom, attic and shed and gather up anything you no longer use. You could have a yard sale or post items online to sell. When I moved house last year I managed to earn a whopping £350 in just 2 months selling off things I didn’t ever use – toys, book collections, clothes, and more.

Once you’ve exhausted these items, consider learning to make a craft in your free time and selling it. You could go to local craft markets to sell or open an online shop using a website like Etsy.

Pick up an extra job

extra job creative ways travel

As you probably already have a job, it couldn’t hurt to pick up something additional for some extra cash. Don’t overwork yourself but instead, choose something that could be interesting. Talk to your neighbours to see if they need their dogs walking or their grass cutting – check out Craiglist to see if people in your area need these sorts of services.

Ask for money or gift cards related to travel

Ask your family and friends for cash or gift cards for your birthday, for Christmas, and each and every other holiday. This is a great way of getting a big sum of money. Pro tip: Airbnb now provide gift cards.

Do you know any other simple ways of saving money to travel? Comment below!


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