canada top cities

Canada’s top cities, in a nutshell

The 1st of July marks World Canada Day – celebrating the day when the Constitution Act (then called the British North America Act) was put into place in 1867. This ended the struggle of getting Canada recognised as a separate country.

Canada today rocks cool culture, hulking-mountains and majestic peaks. It’s also home to ice hockey, Niagara Falls and maple syrup. It’s the second biggest country in the world (after Russia) and has plenty of exciting places to visit. But where should you go? Here, we break down and give a quick overview of the top cities so you can get an idea.

Canada top cities in a nutshell


Toronto canada

With over 140 languages spoken, Toronto is the most multi-culturally diverse city on the planet. Around half of Toronto’s residents were born outside Canada, giving it a fresh international buzz. It’s a vibrant, big-time city with excitement. Discover glitzy shopping and some of the world’s finest restaurants here, alongside bars, clubs and eclectic festivals.

It’s also one of the most progressive and advanced places in its region for the gay community.


Vancouver canada cities

Vancouver has been named the “best place to live in the world” several times. This west coast city boasts memorable cultural and outdoor activities, an ethnically diverse life and a cosmopolitan population. Dive into North America’s best Asian dining scene, or taste a rich smorgasbord of fresh-caught seafood. Plus we haven’t even started on the nation-leading craft-beer scene.


ottawa canada city

For a capital city, Ottawa is small, friendly and quite charming. The city is bike-friendly, peaceful and civilised with lots of parks and gardens, and is a great base for exploring the Canadian wilderness. Also admire the world-class museums which are architecturally inspiring homes to some intriguing pieces.


Montreal canada cities travel

Montreal is France’s home away from home. The city’s official language is French and spoken by more than half of the population. The French also give the city its sense of laid-back vibe. Witness a city that’s in love with festivals, the arts, good food, living well and enjoying life to the hilt.


edmonton canada cities travel

Modern and spread out, Edmonton is home to some top nearby sights like the Ukrainian Cultural Village and Elk Island National Park. For the soul of the city, head south of the river to the happy-go-lucky Whyte Adventure, which has small theatres, diners and a fun-spirited Friday night mood.


Winnipeg canada cities travel

Cultured, confident and captivating, it’s more than just a pit stop, but a destination in its own right. It’s got a wonderfully diverse dining scene and some world-class museums. Revel in one of the world’s best fringe theatre festivals. It’s a metropolis where you least expect it – Winnipeg surprises.

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