RockHoppa® create weekend, overnight, camping and toiletry bags.

RockHoppa® was started in 2017 by brother and sister team Mikey and Grace. They left university and are now following their business dream, with help and investment from their mother Stephanie, who has been running businesses since 2001.

Article in the East Anglian Daily Times

“I run a marketing company called Belluber, and have always had a passion for business, having over 20 years experience in running businesses, including a software company. I really can’t imagine working for someone else since starting my first business back in 2001 (a small web design business).

My (now grown up) kids tried university but just didn’t enjoy it. Having a degree doesn’t guarantee you a good career and I supported them in their decision to quit the studying.

The three of us make a brilliant team with each of our skills, passions and talents, so in 2017, we started RockHoppa®, which we trademarked in May 2017.”

– Stephanie Collyer

“I absolutely love to travel and explore, so starting a business that provides travel products was a no brainer! Not only this, I love shopping online, but struggled to find travel products that are genuinely useful for me.

I already work with my mum (Steph) in Belluber Marketing, so have lots of experience in digital marketing. I also love to blog and post to Instagram, especially about travel.

Have a read of some of the articles on my travel blog and feel free to follow my Instagram page to see some inspirational photos.”

– Grace Collyer

“I get to research and sample different products to get ideas and see if they are financially viable. I use the roll up bag whenever I go away for the weekend! I used to throw everything in a holdall then have to rummage around it to find what I need. Plus I don’t like unpacking and with this, I can just hang it up, or unroll it on the bed, get out what I need and roll it back up!”

– Mikey Collyer

Why RockHoppa?

The Rockhopper penguin

Our brand name RockHoppa® is derived from the species of penguin ‘Rockhopper’. This type of penguin is described as tough, irrepressible and never giving up, which suited us, our products and who we know would like using them!

Plus who doesn’t love penguins?